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Douglass Day 2022

a photo of Frederick Douglass surrounded by the text "Power Concedes Nothing Without A Demand"
Frederick Douglass, image courtesy of

On Friday, February 14, 2022, thousands of people will celebrate Douglass Day, an annual event held to celebrate the birthday of Frederick Douglass.

LITS will be hosting a viewing of the Douglass Day events both in Dalton 20 and also remotely over Zoom from 12:00 – 3:00 PM. This hybrid event will be a combination of transcription jam sessions and talks from speakers and performers via live stream on their Youtube channel. This year we will be transcribing records of the Colored Conventions, the nineteenth century’s longest campaign for Black civil rights. Volunteer-created transcriptions improve search, readability, and access to handwritten and typed documents for everyone, including people who are not fully sighted.

For those unfamiliar with transcribing, there will be a 5 minute “How to transcribe” and review video during the livestream. In addition a full playlist of videos on transcribing and reviewing have been uploaded onto their YouTube channel for you to watch ahead of time. 

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