Opportunities for Graduate Students

The digital scholarship program supports graduate student research, teaching, and professional development through instruction, consultation, and providing resources. We also occasionally offer cohort-based fellowship and learning opportunities.


Digital Scholarship Graduate Fellows

The Digital Scholarship Program is offering a new opportunity for graduate students to develop digital competencies, learn about the field of digital scholarship, and experiment with digital tools to support their research and teaching. Digital Scholarship Graduate Fellows are introduced to important digital scholarship skills and topics such as the command line, html/css, GitHub/markdown, project management, digital pedagogy, data management and metadata, GIS, digital archives and exhibitions, AI/machine learning, 3D and immersive digital scholarship, and more.

During the fall semester, fellows are supported by a stipend to participate in the seminar, develop skills in digital scholarship, and discover digital scholarship research in their fields. Each fellow will create a professional website, choose an area of specialization to develop, and present their work at the Digital Scholarship Research Fair. During the spring semester, fellows are hired as a Digital Scholarship Graduate Assistants (DSGA) and continue to develop their skills by applying them to faculty and staff led digital scholarship projects, supporting digital scholarship in the classroom, creating and teaching workshops for undergraduate and graduate students, and a variety of other activities. To learn more about the program, please email us.


Past programs