Data Visualization

  • The Carpenter Carrel Project Presentation (Rachel Starry, Andrew Tharler) [project | learn more]


  • Mapping and Spatial Analysis (Zach Silvia, Rachel Starry, Andrew Tharler) [slides | learn more]


  • Photogrammetry Info Sheet (Matt Jameson) [doc]
  • Photogrammetry Workflow (Matt Jameson and Jessica Goodman) [doc]
  • Photogrammetry Background and Methods (Matt Jameson) [slides]
  • Fieldwork and Methods in Photogrammetry (Matt Jameson) [slides]
  • 3D Modeling of Han Dynasty Mirrors Using Photogrammetry (Matt Jameson) [slides]

Professional Development

  • Digital Bryn Mawr Seed Grants [info]
  • Professional Websites for the Job Market (Alicia Peaker) [slides | rsvp]

Web Development

  • Introduction to HTML (Jessica Linker) [rsvp | slides]
  • Introduction to HTML / CSS (Rachel Starry) [slides]


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