Digital Scholarship Summer Fellows

DSSF Week 5: Project Management

We are now more than halfway through our fellowship and I couldn’t be happier to share some updates with everyone! This week has been filled with challenges and achievements that have further strengthened our DSSF cohort.

Following a week of self-directed work over the 4th of July holiday, this week we kicked things off by learning about project management and discussing the goals, guidelines, and duties of our project. After a lengthy process of team organization we were able to decide on a definite direction for our final project, and we determined crucial steps that we will need to accomplish in data visualization work.

It was also during this week that each DSSF fellow began to take on unique tasks as part of achieving our project goals as a group. As one of the Web Designers on the project, I worked arduously in collaboration with Maddy to create a solid template for the general appearance and finer structural features  of what will become our website. Meanwhile, our Lead Developer, Mimi, wrapped up our web-scraping and finished cleaning all of the metadata for our project.  Natalia, the Data Steward, made use of JQuery to construct a word-cloud.

In the second half of the week we attended the Keystone Digital Humanities Conference, where we had the opportunity to participate in workshops about digital scholarship methods and tools, and to attend panel discussions and presentations on wide range of topics. Altogether, we learned more about Project Management, Scalar, Role Based Modeling, and Digital Studies.