Dalton Hall and the History of Bryn Mawr Women in Science

Posted November 28th, 2017 at 2:43 pm.

Photo of Bryn Mawr College students in Geology Lab circa 1940

Photo (c 1940) from Bryn Mawr Special Collections.


Over the next two years, Digital Scholarship & Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow Jessica Linker will be leading an exciting collaborative project about the history of women in science at Bryn Mawr and beyond. For the pilot phase (2017-18), we are working with four undergraduate Digital Scholarship Research Assistants to reconstruct Dalton Hall’s original laboratory space in 3D and fill it with interactive content. The project will contextualize reconstructed 3D spaces and archival objects with original research and pedagogical exercises from the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Users will be able to access scholarly writing and teaching resources by navigating through the spaces where women worked and engaging with the instruments and materials they used.

We are currently seeking faculty and graduate student collaborators to produce research and pedagogical content around various charismatic 3D artifacts. If you are interested in gaining professional experience in digital scholarship, or believe work on this project could be incorporated into your teaching, please contact Jessica Linker (jlinker@brynmawr.edu).

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