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R Community of Learning

Do you work with spatial data like maps and architectural plans, or geographical data from an archaeological project? Does your research involve networks, such as social connections between artistic communities or trade networks spanning the ancient world? Are you interested in analyzing text corpora, in English or another language? Do you have unruly data in need of cleaning or wrangling? If you answered “yes” to any of these, R could be a useful research tool for you! R is a simple but powerful language used for both statistical analysis and data visualization – that is, exploring and evaluating data as well as creating beautiful graphs, maps, or other visual representations. The R Community of Learning, led by Rachel Starry, is an informal opportunity to learn R at your own pace and with a supportive group of peers. The R Community of Learning is open to and includes faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students. Please join us at our bi-monthly meetings. View the Digital Scholarship events calendar for the next session.

Questions? Feel free to contact Alicia Peaker or Rachel Starry.

Rachel Starry is a PhD candidate in the department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology. Her research has explored such issues as visual narrative, burial practice, monumental architecture, and imperialism, and she is currently writing her dissertation on processes of urban development and practices of civic benefaction in the cities of Roman Lycia. She has also worked on text analysis projects in the past, and is currently using the R programming language for data analysis and visualization of her dissertation research.