Graduate Students’ Digital Scholarship Community of Learning

This year, the Digital Scholarship program is sponsoring a series of meetups for graduate students across Bryn Mawr to learn, share, and discuss all things digital scholarship. Some sessions will feature workshops, research presentations, professional development opportunities, or Q&A sessions with experts and other graduate students. Other sessions will be informal opportunities to meet graduate students outside of your department to talk, share, or troubleshoot. No technical expertise or experience with Digital Scholarship necessary! We welcome all graduate students curious about digital scholarship!

2017-2018 workshops include sessions on: digital exhibitions, HTML, 3D modeling, mapping, text analysis, data visualization, digital publishing, professional websites for the job market, and more!

The DS GCoL meets regularly in the Digital Media & Collaboration Lab in Carpenter Library. See the full schedule of upcoming workshops on the LITS Events Calendar.

Interested in paid teaching and research opportunities? Come to a meetup to find out how you can work with us on digital scholarship projects, develop pedagogical materials, and/or teach digital scholarship workshops.


  • Mapping and Spatial Analysis (Zach Silvia, Rachel Starry, Andrew Tharler) [slides] [learn more]
  • Data Analysis (Rachel Starry) [slides] [learn more]
  • Professional Websites for the Job Market (Alicia Peaker) [rsvp] [slides]
  • The Carpenter Carrel Project Presentation (Rachel Starry, Andrew Tharler) [rsvp] [project]
  • Introduction to HTML (Jessica Linker) [rsvp | slides]
  • Introduction to HTML / CSS (Rachel Starry) [slides]
  • Digital Exhibitions (Elena Gittleman, Matt Jameson) [learn more]
  • Coffee & Research Slam [learn more]
  • Database Building and Management (Andrew Tharler) [slides] [learn more]