Alicia Peaker

Digital Scholarship Specialist

As the Digital Scholarship Specialist, I’ve been tasked with coordinating collaborative support around digital scholarship training, research, and projects. I am available for consultations in any area of digital scholarship. Feel free to email me at any time or schedule a consultation.

Digital Scholarship Collaborators

Camilla MacKay

DS Specialties: 
Open Access Publishing,
ARTstor  SharedShelf, Copyright Consultations, GIS

Olivia Castello

DS Specialties: 
Spatial Analysis, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Locating Datasets, Research Design

Laura Surtees

DS Specialties: 
3D Modeling, Spatial Analysis, GIS

Del Ramers

DS Specialties: 
Digitization, Digital Media Lab, Adobe Suite

Jenny Spohrer

DS Specialties: 
Web Design, Digital
Pedagogy, Data Visualization, Data Cleaning and Management

Beth Seltzer

DS Specialties: 
Digital Pedagogy, Digital Textual Analysis, Topic Modeling, Spatial Analysis, WordPress, Digital Assignment Planning

Carrie Robbins

DS Specialties: 
Digital Exhibits, Digital Asset Management

Marianne Weldon

DS Specialties: 
Digital Photography, EmbARK (Triarte), Image Tagging and Indexing


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