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Interactive Map of Carpenter Library Reveals Just How Many Books are Hiding in the Carrels

Posted May 10, 2017

A new group of Digital Scholarship Graduate Assistants has been spending the Spring term exploring how digital technologies can provide scholars with new avenues of research. In an effort to put into practice some of what they have been learning, the group has been working on a collaborative project that they hope will be of […]

Let Your Colors Shine

Posted April 29, 2017

Let Your Colors Shine is a special Bryn Mawr May Day project that lights up a lantern, symbolizing the light of knowledge, in Bryn Mawr¬†class colors whenever someone tweets with their class hashtag (e.g. #bmc17 or #bmcMB). The project, temporarily installed¬†at the Info Desk in the Campus Center, was created by the Digital Scholarship Research […]